27 Powerful Birth Photos That Celebrate The Strength Of Humanity

Birth Becomes Her announced its annual photography contest winners.

Birth photographers capture deeply vulnerable and powerful moments. To celebrate this work, an international community of birth photographers called Birth Becomes Her holds an annual contest honoring labor, delivery and postpartum pictures.

In this time of global crisis, the birth experience is riddled with restrictions and uncertainty. But the contest’s winning photos capture the raw emotion and intensity that is consistent in all births.

Birth Becomes Her invited photographers across the globe to submit images, and a panel of judges ranked the photos based on metrics like lighting, editing, composition, focus, storytelling, originality, overall artistic impression, and respect for the vulnerability of birth.

“We know the world is spinning with all that is happening with COVID-19, but we also believe that we need inspiring images and stories more than ever before,” the contest organizers wrote in a press relief. “We received submissions from talented birth photographers all around the world, and I think this year’s top placing images show the strength, love, and courage of humanity.”

Keep scrolling for a selection of winning photos drawn from the top 10 images and those that scored in the top 10%. To see all the submissions, visit Birth Becomes Her. (Readers should note that the following uncensored photos depict women in the act of childbirth and may not be appropriate for all readers in all situations.)

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