Autocorrect Fail Leads To Delightful Birthday Cake Mistake

Can't fault the baker for this.

Listen up, folks: If you're going to order a birthday cake, don't do it via text. Or your iPhone's autocorrect might play a trick on you.  

A mom in North Lanarkshire, Scotland, texted a friend to make a custom cake for her daughter's 21st birthday. She wanted "a wee blond girl" on top of the cake -- but her phone mangled this request and sent "wee blind girl" instead.

So when the cake came, this is what it looked like: 

The little cake-topper girl (who has brown hair, by the way) is holding a white cane, the kind used by people who are blind or visually impaired. Whoops!

On Sunday, the woman's other daughter, Emily Seggie, posted a picture of the mishap on Twitter. By Tuesday afternoon, it had garnered thousands of favorites and retweets. 

Seggie also sent The Huffington Post a screenshot of the unfortunate text her mom sent to the baker:

"At first we were very confused by why the figure was blind, but when we saw the text we just found it funny," Seggie told the HuffPost on Tuesday.  

Oh, autocorrect. 


Lorenzo Ligato covers technology and Internet culture, and is based in New York. You can contact him at or on Twitter: @lorenzowrites.