Birthday Cake-Flavored Food (And Non-Food) Items Have Gone Too Far (PHOTOS)

This has gotten a bit out of control.

You know what's delicious? Birthday cake. Sometimes, there's nothing better than a vanilla sheet cake with copious amounts of frosting, available only at your local supermarket. Better yet, there's Funfetti, Pillsbury's gift to the boxed cake world. Yes, we know that the colors that appear on sheet cakes and box cakes don't really occur in nature but you know what? Sometimes we don't care. Birthday cake made from scratch is delicious and all (we're looking at you, Christina Tosi), but we have a soft spot for the occasional highly processed creation as well.

But in recent years something weird has happened to birthday cake. The flavor has proliferated. Go to the grocery store and you'll likely come upon birthday cake ice cream. Go to a candle store and perhaps you'll find a birthday cake-scented candle. Look, we're down with the sickeningly sweet smell that birthday cake emits. But that's in large part because it reminds us of childhood birthday parties, or celebrations of some kind. When birthday cake flavors are found in protein powders and lip gloss, they lose their allure.

Here's a look at just how far birthday cake has gone:

Birthday Cake EVERYTHING