Jessica Wilson Wins The Lottery On The Same Day As Her 27th Birthday

No need to blow out the candles, something tells us Jessica Wilson's birthday wish already came true.

Wilson, a 27-year-old woman living in Bushnell, Fla., won the Fantasy 5 lottery's top prize on March 30th, the same day as her birthday, WTSP News reports. The prize came in at a little over $280,000.

Wilson's odds of winning the lottery at all were already slim: the chances of winning Florida's Fantasy 5 top prize is 1 in 376,992, according to the Florida lottery website. But the odds of winning the prize on her birthday must be 1 in we can't even imagine.

Amazingly, Wilson isn't the first to win a jackpot on her birthday. Daniel Fontes won a $20,000 lottery prize in Connecticut on his birthday last August. More astonishingly, in 2010, Canadian teenager Taylor Witzke celebrated her 18th birthday with a $1 million lottery win.

It seems there might be something in Florida's air right now. Just last week, an administrative assistant in Plantation, Fla., decided not to opt into her office lottery pool, but when they won a portion of the $338 million prize, her coworkers shared the pool with her anyway.



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