Birther Lawsuit From Michael Voeltz Thrown Out In Florida

Another day, another failure for birthers challenging the authenticity of President Barack Obama's birth certificate.

Monday's episode took place in Florida, where Leon County Circuit Judge Terry Lewis tossed out a lawsuit by car salesman and self-proclaimed Democrat Michael Voeltz.

Voeltz was represented by conservative activist Larry Klayman, who opted to take the boilerplate birther approach: Argue that Obama wasn't actually born in Hawaii, despite the White House's release of a long-form birth certificate that indicates Honolulu as his birthplace. Klayman also came prepared with a backup claim, alleging that Obama isn't fit to sit in the White House as a “natural born citizen” because his Kenyan-born father wasn't a U.S. citizen. This interpretation of the Constitution has been debunked on a number of occasions.

The Associated Press reports that Lewis, who was an integral part of the Bush v. Gore ruling when he sided with Bush in 2000, found that Voeltz's lawsuit had a number of flaws. For one, as the president's legal team argued, Obama is not yet the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee. The party will officially nominate him at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C. this summer.

Below, a soundtrack to real estate mogul Donald Trump's birther follies: