Birther Lawsuit Witnesses: Orly Taitz Told Us To Lie

In his decision dismissing a lawsuit filed by Orly Taitz late last month, U.S. District Court Judge David O. Carterr mentioned that some witnesses complained that the birther chief urged them to lie on the stand. Now, more details are out, as one of the witnesses has made his affidavit public.

Among the allegations Smith makes is that Taitz asked him to say that he was the one who obtained a document that was alleged to be a 1964 Kenyan birth certificate for Barack Hussein Obama II. He says he didn't. That document had been called a forgery by experts, and Smith said his own research also concluded that the document was fake. He also alleges that Taitz asked him to give false testimony about speaking to specific people in Africa, and that she asked two other people to lie under oath.

"It began to become clearer and clearer to me that Orly Taitz had no understanding of the law," he writes. "I came to an exhaustive conclusion that Orly Taitz may be the 'Birthers' worst nightmare. Outside of paying attention to her own voice at length, Orly Taitz has the attention span of a small child."

Smith also reveals that Taitz stopped speaking to him after he told people that she was sleeping with Charles Lincoln, a member of her legal team. And he describes in detail Lincoln, who has been disbarred in three states, relating his opinion of Taitz's sexual performance.

Read the whole thing (warning: sexually explicit language):

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