Birther Maven Orly Taitz Brags Of Friendship With Michele Bachmann

Last night, Orly Taitz, the lawyer who has positioned herself at the top of the "Birther movement" bragged on her blog that she had made a new friend on the Facebooks. Whoever could it be? Why, it's Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann! On the face of it, this should surprise no one.

But here's the curious thing! I have been out to Orly Taitz's Facebook page this morning and there's no evidence that they've become Facebook friends. What could be going on here? There are a few possibilities.

1. I am terrible at searching Facebook.

2. Michele Bachmann, or proxies on her behalf, befriended Taitz, and then thought better of it, which would be an unprecedented demonstration of cognitive thought from Bachmann, or her proxies.

3. Bachmann has merely joined some random Orly Taitz group or fanpage, which sort of isn't the same thing as becoming Facebook friends, but whatever, I'm not going to go leafing through every crackpot Facebook group to penetrate the mystery.

4. Orly Taitz and Michele Bachmann have attached two tin cans to a string and hung this apparatus in their respective domiciles, and are calling this arrangement "Facebook."

Full disclosure! Only a few days ago, I myself, passed on the opportunity to become Taitz's Facebook friend. Yes, I declined because she is, in a word, CRAZY, but also because she failed one of my other Facebook friending criteria -- no middle aged women named after Internet memes. I do have five mutual friends with Taitz, who I believe are all her "ironic" friends, including MSNBC host Ed Schultz.

Anyway, with Bachmann and Taitz, the standard "birds of a feather" saying applies and, like I said, that Bachmann and Taitz are on each other's radar is not something that shocks. If you want to be concerned with who is friending Taitz on Facebook, attention should be focused on mainstream GOP figures like House Minority Whip Eric Cantor and RNC Chair Michael Steele. Their names appear on Taitz's Facebook page where Bachmann's does not.

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