Birthers Plan To Storm Washington For March On 'Obama Birth Certificate,' 'Obamacare'

Elyse Siegel contributed reporting to this post.

Washington DC has played host to any number of organized gatherings of the discontented over the years, but at long last the Birthers are coming to town to have a protest of their own. The date is Saturday, May 29. The place is South President's Park. The cause is to jibber incoherently at the scores of media professionals who will be pointing cameras at them.

The news of this festival of cray-cray comes courtesy of Philip J. Berg, Esquire, who helpfully includes details and a litany of complaints -- the form of a bulleted list -- right here. The new new thing is the framing of a health care reform repeal on the grounds that President Barack Obama isn't eligible to be President and thus cannot sign bills into law.

"It's time that we have a revolution in this country," Berg said in alerting his supporters to the march on The Jeff Kuhner radio show. "But I want a peaceful revolution...and I think that's the first first step we take."

Berg also explained on the program that he takes issue with health care reform because it "provides for Obama to have a private army, it provides for the IRS agents to be checking on us monthly, it's like big brother coming to take over."

David Weigel reports that he has not yet "seen word of this on other birther sites," and notes that Berg is "better known for his tenacity than his organizational skills." So, I wouldn't yet count on seeing the big names of the Birther movement -- like dentist-litigant Orly "Mars Attacks" Taitz -- on hand. Probably just a few dozen people milling about, pissing themselves over an organized conspiracy undertaken forty years ago by a shadowy cabal of state and federal officials to get a black guy from Kenya elected President, on a dare, I guess.

Supporters of the Birther march are being asked to bring copies of their own birth certificates when they come to Washington.

I'm kind of hoping they'll be willing to stage my one-act play about the "birther conspiracy." We'll see!

WATCH: Promotion For The Birther Movement's March On Washington

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