Bison Traffic Jam Is The Best Reason To Be Late For Work

Bet your boss hasn't HERD this excuse before.

Traffic jams are one of the most common excuses for being late. A bison-induced traffic jam may just sound like a lie -- but sometimes it's the truth.

Local Wisconsin news station WEAU 13, shared a photo of a bison herd crossing a road in the town of Foster to their Facebook page Tuesday.

Only in the Midwest can you tell your boss you were late because of a bison traffic jam and NOT be lying! Thanks to Steve Marum for sharing this picture from Foster, Wisconsin this morning.

Posted by WEAU 13 News on Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The determined bison can be seen making their way across the street, causing drivers on both sides to hit their brakes.

Judging by the photo, people stayed in their vehicles, which was probably a good decision given the numbers of people who wind up injured by getting too close to the large animals.

While bison herds aren't exactly the most common roadblock, they block traffic more than you'd think -- especially around Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park.

No use in blowing your horns in these kinds of jams. The bison will let you know when you can go.

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