Vicki Reveron Finds Bad Word On Her Starbucks Cup (VIDEO)

Woman Finds Curse Word On Starbucks Cup (IMAGE INSIDE)

A formerly loyal Starbucks customer found something unexpected on her cup of morning mud.

New York City native Vicki Reveron told WABC that the word "bitch" was scrawled across the cup she was served at the 8th Avenue and 35th Street Starbucks.

"It says b--ch, my name is not b--ch, it's Vicki," Reveron said.

As you can see from the image below, the cup clearly does not say "Vicki" (though maybe it says 'Bith'?

A Starbucks spokesperson told WABC, "We have apologized numerous times for this unfortunate misunderstanding." Or maybe this was a retaliation for Alec Baldwin calling one of their uptown barristas an "Uptight Queen"? (Probably not).

Those apologies won't convince Reveron to keep going to the coffee mega-chain. She said she's switching to the competition.

The b--ch cup controversy comes just days after a former employee was fired for posting a rant song criticizing Starbucks coffee consumers on YouTube.

One of the lines from the song takes on a foreboding tone given Reveron's experience:

Hey Mr. A**hole/six breakfast sandwiches?/I got a line of angry customers/to hell with this/you've got a gang of noisy kids/can you shut them up/I just want to draw a middle finger on your cup.

Perhaps it's a good thing Reveron didn't order six breakfast sandwiches...

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