The Bitchin' Kitchen's Haunting Christmas Video Featuring Guy Fieri, Duff Goldman, Andrew Zimmern And More (VIDEO)

Warning: you may want to get into the fetal position and cry after watching the video below. Nadia G of Bitchin' Kitchen has succeeded in creating the scariest, creepiest Christmas video we have ever watched: "A Bitchin' Christmas." Every second gets even stranger. Where do we start? The shiny red fully-body unitard? The off-key singing and awkward choreography? Andrew Zimmern trying to rap?

If we had to choose the weirdest line, it probably comes right after the dude from Epic Meal Time and the Vegan Black Metal Chef make guest appearances. "Show me your ding ding ding dong," sings Nadia G, several times.

We've got goosebumps, and not the good kind. However, if you buy the song on iTunes, the proceeds help support Meals on Wheels. Or donate directly to them here.