Gmail Just Got Zanier, Thanks To Bitmoji

Work emails have never been so fun.

If you've never used Bitmoji, the mobile app that lets you create hysterical cartoon avatars of yourself, you now have one more reason to try it.

Bitstrips, the Toronto-based developer behind the app, has released a Chrome extension that lets you create and use Bitmoji avatars in emails and elsewhere on the web. This means that, for instance, when you're sending a message in Gmail, you can add a glorious cartoon of yourself, just like this:


"We’ve always wanted people to have access to Bitmoji everywhere," said Jacob Blackstock, CEO of Bitstrips. "Mobile was the obvious place to start, but we still spend most of our days glued to the computer." And that's how the Chrome extension, which launched in July, was born.

To install the extension, just visit Google Chrome's web store, register a Bitmoji account through your email or Facebook and get ready to emojify yourself.

Once you open the app, the first step is to design your avatar: You can play around with skin tones, eye colors, eyebrow shapes and even outfit styles, until your digital twin looks, you know, just like you. Then, Bitmoji will create an entire library of fun -- and just a tad bit creepy -- images. Like this one of me:


When composing an email in Gmail, you can add one of your creations by clicking the Bitmojis icon next to the "Send" button. You can then search through the image catalogue, which has themes like salutations, flirting and more. After you find the right Bitmoji, you can simply click on it or drag and drop it right into your email composition window.


Outside of Gmail, you can access your Bitmoji library on sites like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, simply by clicking the green icon next to the address bar at the top of your browser window.

Shockingly easy, right? And it's a great way to add some spice to your work emails or, even better, to troll your friends.

Happy trolling, folks!


Lorenzo Ligato covers technology and Internet culture, and is based in New York. You can contact him at or on Twitter: @lorenzowrites.


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