Woman Fears Ex Will Kill Her And Their Daughters; He Says She’s ‘Crazy’

Sandra and Joey are in the middle of a bitter custody battle, with shocking accusations, claims of abuse, and two little girls caught in the middle.

“The girls are constantly telling me their daddy is planning to kill us all,” says Sandra about her ex-husband, Joey. She claims her daughter told the school that Joey was going to come and beat Sandra with a baseball bat until she died.

“These stories are insane and they keep getting worse,” says Joey, who calls Sandra a “horrible mother.”

Sandra has also claimed that Joey has sexually abused their girls. “Both of my daughters have come home telling me that Daddy is touching them in their private areas inappropriately,” she claims, an accusation that Joey unequivocally denies.

And Sandra’s accusations don’t end there; she has even claimed Joey may have poisoned them. According to Sandra, “My youngest daughter thinks Daddy put something in her ice cream, because it was originally pink and blue and after, it was red and blue. It tasted funny, she was very tired, her tummy was hurting her,” she says.

Joey is adamant that he’s a good dad and says he’s never abused or hurt his daughters -- and he’s had enough of Sandra’s false accusations. “I am not sexually abusing my daughters. My older daughter has leg pains; they’re growing pains, and I will rub that pain out of her leg, and Sandra will take that to the worst scenario possible,” he explains. “There have been countless times where my daughter will come to me, and she’ll have a bruise, and my daughter will tell me, ‘Mommy says you put that there.’ It scares me to death that she could be framing me.”

Joey, adds that the accusations of poisoning his girls are “insane.” He says, “Sandra’s crazy, and it’s just pathetic.”

So is one parent making up these shocking stories and coaching the children to tell lies about the other? In the video above, Dr. Phil tries to get to the bottom of the accusations, including Sandra’s claim that Joey put one of their daughters in a garbage bag with rocks in it. Watch more from Monday’s Dr. Phil, “Badmouthing, Bruises and a Bitter Custody Battle: What Does the Neighbor Say?” And, on Tuesday’s Dr. Phil, find out what happens when both parents agree to take a polygraph test.

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