Bizarre Politics: Watch the Dodger Then Hear the Truth

You hear about politicians dodging reporters, but this really takes it to a bizarre level.

First, watch the video below of Republican senatorial candidate Cory Gardner telling three different reporters there's "no federal personhood bill" when, in fact, he's a co-sponsor if it. It's called the Life at Conception Act, and it would ban abortion and some birth control.

Then watch the next video, featuring Sen. Rand Paul, one of the sponsors of the Life at Conception Act, explaining very clearly what his bill would do.

Here's Gardner stonewalling the journalists from 9News, Fox 31, and MSNBC.

Now here's Sen. Rand Paul explaining what the Life at Conception Act would really do.

Multiple fact checkers agree that the Life at Conception Act is a personhood bill.

Gardner is running even with Democratic Sen. Mark Udall in a race that could determine whether Democrats lose control of the U.S. Senate.