The 10 Most Bizarre Outfits From The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Lingerie never looks as wacky as it does at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, which is ironic for a brand that's trying to sell you lingerie. But no matter how hard the sell, there are always those over-the-top, "WTF?" outfits that come down the runway that aren't so much fanciful, dreamy and luxurious as much as they are... bizarre.

Last night's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show included six themes: "British Invasion," "Birds of Paradise," "Parisian Nights," "Shipwrecked," "Snow Angels" and "PINK Network." If that last one sounds like it makes the least amount of sense, that's because it did. Emojis are fun for texting, not so much for wearing.

Herewith, the 10 most bizarre outfits of the 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

emoji butt
It's like there are emojis sprouting from her butt.

vs show look
She appears to be wearing the entire contents of our seventh grade closets all at once time.

half sweatpants
There's no way these sweatpants keep her warm.

cutout alessandra
What happened to the entire front of this one-piece?

socks with sandals
Oddly enough, the thing that bothers us most about this outfit is the apparent socks-with-sandals combo.

emoji cape vs show
Who knew a massive happy face could double as a parachute?

leg warners vs show
Yeah, we wouldn't be happy if we had to wear those leg warmers, either.

hair extensions vs show
If those are supposed to be hair extensions, some hairstylist should probably be fired.

baby clothes vs show
It's like she robbed a kids' clothing store.

cara d vs show
Wait, where is her cape? Her wings? And why is she just holding that ball? This makes us sad.

See the rest of the show:

Candice Swanepoel

2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

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