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Bjork's Home In The '90s Couldn't Be More 'Bjork' (VIDEO)

Bjork just turned 48. This video clip from the '90s of her at home will take you back to a time when you didn't feel so old.
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Today, avant-garde pop icon Björk celebrates her birthday. We found this great clip on YouTube from what we assume is the from the mid-1990s featuring her home in Iceland.

Her house is exactly how you would imagine it. The house has vintage furniture, various chandeliers and candelabras and a collection of decorative glass paperweights. She even finds a way to incorporate an old hospital cart into a storage unit. What, you never thought of that?

On a home design end, Björk offers some advice on how to live like her. The first is to live by the sea. This must be a huge sticking point with her, as her love of aquatics is expressed in a few of her songs like "The Anchor Song."

Björk also points out the importance of color. She explains Icelandic tradition of having extremely brightly colored roofs and its explained that the significance is due to the dreary natural colors in the landscape.

What do you think? Will you be taking tips from Björk anytime soon?

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