Bjorn Lomborg: Al Gore 'Oversold The Message' Of Climate Change (VIDEO)

Watch Bjorn Lomborg on how Al Gore "oversold the message" on climate change and how we should be spending more on alternative energy research:


Why would a climate change activist dare to say that Al Gore "oversold the message" of global warming?

Bjorn Lomborg, author of the highly-controversial book The Skeptical Environmentalist, claims that Al Gore's documentary, 'An Inconvenient Truth,' was designed to scare us "witless."

Lomborg told The Huffington Post that the way Gore raised awareness around the issue of climate change "works very well as a scary way to get everyone's attention," but is an "incredibly poor way to make good decisions" about climate change.

"Unfortunately, for the last eighteen years, we've basically not been doing anything about global warming, because we're making these grand promises that we don't intend to keep."

So then what IS a constructive way to fight global warming, Bjorn?

There's a lot of amazing ideas. We look at a number of these in the film [the new documentary 'Cool It' which is in theaters November 12] solar and wind, of course, but we also look at growing your own oil fields through algae in the ocean, making artificial photosynthesis--a lot of other opportunities!

The trick here is to recognize that, because research is incredibly cheap, we should be funding all of these, and lots of them that we're not talking about. There are lots of great ideas! Most of them aren't working yet--they're much too expensive and most of them won't ever work! But that's okay, because some of them are gonna become so cheap, that they'll be the ones that are going to be parrying the rest of the 21st century.