Blac Chyna Seeks Restraining Order Against Rob Kardashian After Revenge Porn

"More to come."

Blac Chyna is lawyering up after ex-fiancé Rob Kardashian posted explicit images of the reality star to social media on Wednesday.

High-end civil rights attorney Lisa Bloom, who represented actress Mischa Barton in another revenge porn case, says she has been hired by Chyna to obtain a restraining order against Kardashian.

“I represent Blac Chyna,” Bloom tweeted Friday. “I just gave Rob Kardashian notice that we’ll be in court Monday seeking restraining orders against him. More to come.”

Bloom later followed up her tweet with a press release announcing that she and Chyna will appear in court Monday to request a restraining order. She also had some strong words for Kardashian, whom she told to “back off.”

“Cyberbullying your ex is harassment,” the release read. “Chyna ended your relationship months ago and she has the right to live as she chooses, work as she chooses, dress as she chooses, date who she chooses, and be intimate with who[m] she chooses. Chyna and I both believe that this is an important women’s rights issue, as too many women and girls have been slut-shamed by exes.”

“It stops now, Your attempts to shame and control her are hereby rejected,” Bloom added. “Her body, her choice. Her life, her choice. Back off.”

Kardashian, who shares an 8-month-old daughter, Dream, with the model, likely violated California’s revenge porn laws when he shared multiple nude images of Chyna.

In a series of increasingly troubling Instagram posts, Kardashian accused Chyna of abusing drugs and alcohol, cheating and abandoning their child. His account was later deleted, prompting Kardashian to take his tirade to Twitter.

“The criminal penalty is up to six months in jail,” Bloom told The Daily News. “If she sued him for money damages, the amount she received would depend on the emotional distress she suffered. Given that he has a large social media following, if the jury was sympathetic to her, she could recover millions.”

Chyna seemingly addressed the controversy in a series of Snapchat posts, which painted a very different picture of the relationship, accusing Kardashian of being abusive and also cheating.

HuffPost has reached out to Chyna’s representatives but did not immediately receive a response.

This post has been updated to include Bloom’s statement.

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