Black Activists React To Trump's Inauguration: 'I Feel Betrayed'

Members of the activist group Million Hoodies released a powerful video on Friday.

Today, in response to President Trump’s inauguration, many marginalized groups are voicing dissent and concern over the coming administration via protests both in American cities and via social media. One activist group, Million Hoodies, has added to these statements with a powerful new inauguration day video. 

The Million Hoodies movement was started in 2012, in response to what the group felt was the media's inadequate coverage of the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. Million Hoodies is now a national network of people of color committed to ending racism and systemic violence. 

Published to Facebook on Friday, the video features members of the Million Hoodies Movement For Justice network from all over the country answering a single question: “How do you feel as a member of an impacted community about Trump coming into office?”

 Responses in the fIve-minute video range from “terrified,” deeply concerned,” “anxious,” and “betrayed.”

“I feel betrayed,” explains one young man in the video. “ To be an American citizen in a nation that’s advertised to be a melting-pot, where everybody’s supposed to be supported, and treated equally, it feels offensive to have this man elected into office.”

“There is a deep and undeniable need to fight on behalf of those that have existed on the margins of society in America for far too long,” said Million Hoodies national policy chair and DC chapter co-chair Pete Haviland-Eduah in a statement on Friday. 

“The incoming administration has used fear tactics and threats to so many that have been disenfranchised by the political process for their own personal monetary and power benefit. We at Million Hoodies refuse to normalize this type of behavior and discrimination and look forward to working with those willing to take a stand with us to fight for the future we all deserve.”

Watch the full video above. 



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