This Stunning Home Is Exactly Why You Should Paint Your Apartment Black (PHOTOS)

If you consider yourself one of those people who wouldn't be caught dead using dark, moody paints, this apartment is ready to change your mind. From its luxurious accents and impressive artwork collection to its bookcased walls and urban modern lighting, one thing is absolutely certain -- black paint has never (ever) looked so fabulous.

And the wildest part? Before the bachelorette pad was transformed into the layered, chic space you see below, it was none other than a run-of-the-mill YMCA. The association reportedly sold the building in 2000 before it was divided into 12 apartments in 2003 -- one of which was purchased by the current owner, public speaker and advertising consultant, Cindy Gallop. With a little help from designer Stefan Boublil of The Apartment Creativity Agency, the well-traveled Gallop embarked on her two-year design journey during which she carefully selected the dark hue for the reason that "the art pops against it.”

“I had to build something from scratch, so I could do anything I wanted with it,” she said. “It is the first time I built something about me.”

But it doesn't have to be "about her" for long, as the impressive space has officially hit the market. In other words, for a cool $5.995 million the midtown abode can be all about you -- and who knows, that might just mean white walls instead. But in the meantime...

The black background makes any color pop. (And leopard, too.)

black apartment

This color also looks fantastic as it reflects perfectly off the mirrored lighting.

black apartment 2

Really, what else would go with a Gucci chainsaw?

black apartment 3

Black shelving can make anything seem like a collection.

black apartment 5

It also probably encourages a nice, deep sleep.

black apartment 8

Black walls + black furniture = A surprisingly spacious effect.

black apartment 9

Do you have a few great pieces of art?

black apartment 4

Or enough leather-bound books to fill an entire wall?

black apartment 6

Then black is the certainly the color for you.

black apartment 7

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