Black Astrum Premieres World's Most Expensive Business Cards Featuring Swiss Metal, Diamonds (PHOTO)

Bling Bling: Do Your Business Cards Have Diamonds?

Not sure how to impress that big prospective client? How about handing them a diamond-studded, $1,500 business card?

The Black Astrum Signature Card, which is being touted as world's most expensive business card, features a sleek, Swiss metal construction dotted with more than 30 carats of diamonds, Business Insider reports.

The cards, which are custom handcrafted to the client's liking, are sold in packs of 25, 50 or 100 and are priced at about $1,500 per card.

On their website, Black Astrum describes the design of the Signature Card as follows:

Although custom designed to members [sic] requirements, the card elegantly embodies the holders [sic] wealth, power and status in society.

But those considering getting in on the deal should know that the cards are obtainable by invite-only, according to Exec Digital.

The company has reportedly even turned down clients interested in purchasing the cards.

"We've had several enquiries from American celebrities and international businessmen, however our cards are offered by invitation only, reflecting our desire to serve only the most premier individuals," Sufian Khawaja, the company's concept director told Business Insider.

Similarly, several credit card companies have been issuing special cards to an elite group of customers for years.

Some of the exclusive cards include the American Express Centurion Card, Dubai First Royale MasterCard and the Visa Infinite, according to

While these cards come with perks like attentive concierge service and absurdly high credit limits, many also require annual fees, an average net worth and particular monthly disposable income in order to qualify.

The American Express Centurion, for example, requires an average net worth of $6.5 million and a minimum of $250,000 in charges per year, reports.

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