Misty Copeland, Ashley Murphy & Ebony Williams Cover 'Pointe,' Proving Black Ballerinas Rock

LOOK: These Black Ballerinas Are On 'Pointe'

These women are the definition of fierce.

The electric Misty Copeland is joined by fellow professional ballerinas Ashley Murphy and Ebony Williams on the June/July cover of Pointe Magazine -- and they are all legs! There is power behind their glistening muscles and pluck in their balanced grace. Hats off to Pointe for perfectly describing the trio of superwomen as they truy are: “Beyond Role Models.”

With the existence of the “Brown Girls Do Ballet” Instagram account and Misty Copeland’s diversity initiative “Project Plié” -- which she and American Ballet Theatre launched to find more black ballerinas -- it's safe to say that the dance world is overflowing with awesomeness these days. We just can't look away.

So, haters beware: the takeover of these beautiful brown athletes is inevitable. You’ve been warned.

Check 'em out!

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