Oregon Zoo Cares For Black Bear Cubs That Are So Adorable They Don't Look Real (VIDEO)

When a logging crew in Yamhill County, Oregon discovered three abandoned bear cubs in a hollow log, they called the state Fish and Wildlife Department for some help.

According to The Oregonian, the loggers were worried that their operation may have scared the mother bear away.

Grand Ronde Fish and Wildlife Program Manager, Kelly Dirksen, observed the den with three trail cameras, but found that the mother bear visited only briefly Wednesday morning, before disappearing.

It was determined that the cubs (two female and one male) could not survive without their mother, and needed some human assistance. They were transported to the Oregon Zoo veterinary center where they are receiving care until they are moved to a permanent home at the Austin Zoo & Animal Sanctuary in Texas.

In the meantime, we get to appreciate how cute these little guys are and even see them spooning!

We can't get enough.



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