Black Bears Found Guarding POT Farm In Canada


Canadian police officers were in for a bit of a fright when they arrived for what was expected to be a routine drug raid in a remote area of British Columbia on July 30 to find black bears roaming the area.

When the cops arrived at a farm alongside Christina Lake in southeastern Canada, they found two fields containing approximately 2,300 cannabis plants -- all carefully guarded by 13 black bears on the premises.

Though the officers were nervous at first, they soon discovered the bears to be docile and acted almost oblivious to their presence, according to reports. The farm's owners are believed to have used the bears alternately as pets and as protection for their marijuana crops, and regularly fed them dog food.

"The owner tried to assure, 'Don't worry, they won't become aggressive towards you, just don't approach them and things will be fine," Dan Moskaluk, one of the officers on the scene, told the Toronto Star. "Certainly it's a little bit of an odd situation to be in."

Turns out the bears weren't the only inhabitants of the marijuana farm's menagerie -- a pot-bellied pig also roamed the scene, while a raccoon was found napping in one of the farmhouse's bedrooms. Though two middle-aged adults were arrested at the scene, no animals were harmed during the raid.

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