Black Books Music Video By Christophe Thockler Makes Embroidery Cool (WATCH)

WATCH: Video Makes Embroidery Cool

Spools spin, needles march, and thread unravels in "Favorite Place," the new music video from Texas-based indie band Black Books.

The song appears on the Austin quintet's most recent EP, "Aquarena." For the video, Black Books enlisted Christophe Thockler (known as DaBrainkilla on YouTube) to bring the thimbles and thread to life. The French designer directed and produced the stop-motion music video via 73,000 stitches, 10,000 photos, 350 reels of thread, and 100 needles and sewing pins.

This is not Thockler's first foray into stop-motion indie music videos, however. In 2011, he took on a monumental project for Mimi Goese and Ben Neill's "Cusp," a work that took 36,000 photos and 40 blocks of ice. The director revealed his obsession with the medium an interview with The Atlantic: "I was very fond of the stop motion technique I saw when I was younger, in Michel Gondry’s videos or Shinya Tsukamoto’s movies, and decided to try it... To my surprise people loved the video."

Check out the slideshow to see more stop-motion music magic from DaBrainkilla:

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