Black Cat Runs Onto Hockey Rink, Likely Dooming San Jose Sharks

How's this for an omen.

The San Jose Sharks better hope the whole black-cat-crossing-your-path-means-bad-luck thing is nothing more than a myth.

If it isn't, the Sharks won't be making it to the next round of the National Hockey League Stanley Cup Playoffs. 

On Friday, as the Sharks readied to host the Nashville Predators in Game 1 of the Western Conference second round, a black cat scurried onto the ice and wandered directly in front of the San Jose bench.

"The small cat emerged from a door near the red line, and scampered down the ice by the home team's bench and out another door near the goal line," reports. 

In the end, the Sharks defeated the Predators (whose mascot is, coincidentally, a saber-toothed tiger) with a score of 5-2, perhaps proving once and for all that it really is just a silly superstition.



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