Children's Clothing Company Sparks Outrage With 'Racist' Shirt Display

If you were hoping the Obama-banana image scandal and the Brazil soccer team monkey taunt were going to be the last racist monkey comparisons, sorry to disappoint you.

This week, the children's clothing company Just Add A Kid was accused of racism after a tweet surfaced of a controversial store display. One of the company's t-shirt designs, which features the body of a monkey holding a banana, was placed on hangers with the face of a black child on them.

Jezebel's Mark Shrayber called up JustAddAKid to clarify how exactly this pairing happened.

A JustAddAKid representative assured Shrayber that the hangers and t-shirts were delivered separately, and that individual stores are responsible for mixing and matching the merchandise for display.

Just Add A Kid is not the first company to unknowingly find themselves in this uncomfortable dilemma. A South Korean tobacco company had to shut down their monkey-themed advertising campaign for "This Africa" cigarettes and like the accused before them, the children's clothing company has issued an official apology.

Hopefully they've learned their lesson.



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