Healing marks the theme for Week 2 of “Art Is Revolution (AIR),” our virtual 3D exhibit showcasing the work of groundbreaking Black artists.

“The theme for this week was focused on restoration — and being able to rest — surrounded by visuals that create an atmosphere of being relaxed, weightless, carefree,” said Danielle Elise, “Art Is Revolution” curator and founder of the All Black Creatives foundation and agency.

HuffPost teamed up with All Black Creatives and RYOT, Verizon Media’s immersive storytelling production house, to bring this art to readers’ homes at a time when many museums and galleries are closed.

Using a variety of technologies, including drone-captured photogrammetry, we have transformed artwork into augmented reality exhibits for you to explore. By using your mobile phone, you can even bring these pieces, virtually, into your own space (just click the camera icon at the top right of your screen).

Each week in October, we’re highlighting a new theme for our exhibit, a four-part series featuring works by photographers, musicians, writers, poets and more.

Elise describes the themes she chose — Lift Every Voice, Healing, Black Joy and Future — as “restorative.”

“As Black people, our resistance is found in our rest, in our health, in our joy, in our future,” she said. “The themes reflect a desire for Black folks to thrive — to raise our voices, heal, create, laugh and dream.”

While curating the artwork for this week, Elise searched for pieces that not only told stories of Black healing, but also encouraged and celebrated rest. She was guided by a quote from writer Audre Lorde: “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”

“I chose images of Black women beautifully and confidently celebrating Black culture because it’s healing to see Black women elevated and honored as the fine art we are,” Elise said. “I also chose art and illustrations that felt airy and healing, that celebrate queer love, imagination and the earth.”

“When we heal, when we rest,” she said, “that is revolution too.”

Missed last week’s exhibit? You can still check it out here.

Click on the “Launch AR” button above to be taken to a 3D gallery experience.

View this from your mobile phone to see the artwork in your own space – just click the camera icon at the top right of your screen. You’ll be able to walk around the exhibit to see more or use two fingers to resize and rotate each piece. On desktop, use your mouse or touchpad to zoom and rotate the 3D exhibits.

Shabez Jamal

Interdisciplinary artist, St. Louis, Missouri

My work acts in expanding representations of Blackness by centering Black, fat, queer bodies with my goal always being expanding the limiting parameters of Blackness and Queerness and celebrating bodies that have been excluded from visual culture.

Below: One of Shabez Jamal’s pieces.

Devan Shimoyama

Visual artist, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Fairy tales, folklore and mythology greatly influence the narrative element within my paintings, as I build my own creation myth of the queer Black male. I use the language of classical mythology and contemporary stereotype to illuminate a small fraction of that identity.

Below: One of Devan Shimoyama’s pieces.

Reyna Noriega

Visual artist, author and educator, Miami, Florida

I wanted to illustrate themes [like gratitude, abundance, sisterhood and more] and create something that would help others connect and reflect on those themes of growth and finding sisterhood bonds in their life.

Below: One of Reyna Noriega’s pieces.

Crystal Rodriguez

Artist and painter, New York City

My internal landscape is an eternal place for me to go and fill my cup to be able to pour back into my community and myself. Committing to tend to my mental health, not only on dark days but also as a habit has made my internal landscape more of a sustainable and thriving place for me in the present and for my future self.

Below: One of Crystal Rodriguez’s pieces.

Afritina Coker

Visual storyteller, Dallas, Texas

I create art around a simple and consistent narrative...to turn honest moments into regal art.

Below: One of Afritina Coker’s pieces.


All images courtesy of the artists.

HuffPost: Ivylise Simones, Creative Director; Jennifer Kho, Director of Strategic Innovation; Francesca Syrett, Global Managing Editor, Video

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