Black Culture Appropriation Meets Its Match On 'The Daily Show'

"Don't get me started on dreadlocks," a very funny Dulce Sloan says.

The start of New York Fashion Week provided a platform for Dulce Sloan of “The Daily Show” to riff on the appropriation of black culture Thursday.

Sloan made some hilarious points about the Kardashians, dreadlocks and twerking while noting that “cultural appropriation is the only thing Taylor and Katy can agree on.”

Host Trevor Noah at one point asked her “why the fuss?” and Sloan later provided a pretty fair answer:

“If minorities were equal, they wouldn’t worry about people taking their culture because it wouldn’t be all they had,” she said. “Look white people, if you’re gonna appropriate, take everything. Take the good and the bad. You can take my struggle too. Get pulled over for no reason. Get followed through a store. And the next time there’s a Black Lives Matter march, I wanna see you there, Kendall [Jenner], but don’t worry about bringing that Pepsi, girl. We drink Sprite.”

Watch the full commentary here:

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