Black Family Faces Racial Slurs And Threats During Family Reunion

They were hoping for a fun and relaxing camping trip.

Kanisha Allen, 27, and her family had to end their family reunion at Rollins Lake in Nevada County, Sacramento early after becoming victims of what they allege was a hate crime.

The trip started out peacefully with the family cooking, dancing and swimming, according to ABC10, until a group arrived at the camp site adjacent to their own on Friday. Allen’s family heard them make some racially charged comments, which the family initially ignored.

"When you're African American, you have to do that sometimes to move forward,” Allen said.

As the weekend continued, the group became more rowdy and Allen's family reported the campers’ conduct to management. However, this didn't solve much as the campers began terrorizing them even more aggressively Saturday night, according to ABC10.

"I didn't come here to sleep next to any effing n’s,” Allen told Fox40 she recalled one of the campers saying to them.

The situation grew even uglier on Saturday evening when one camper ran toward the family with a shovel -- Allen thought it was a shotgun.

"All you could hear was 'I'm going to kill you effing n's'," Allen said. "The guys in our campsite told us to run.”

Allen grabbed her 9-month-old daughter and ran with the rest of her family, according to Fox40.

She told ABC10 that her mother, 66, fell while trying to escape, leaving a gash on her face.

Kanitra Allen/ABC10

Allen’s family called the police, according to Fox40. The man tried to leave the campground when he heard sirens, but management blocked the exit. Officers questioned the man but found no weapon and released him.

Nevada Country Sheriff will investigate to determine if this was a hate crime and the district attorney’s office may file charges.

Allen and her family left the camp site at 2 a.m. on Sunday.

"Maybe we were a little bit naive to think we could go into an area that is not necessarily known for diversity and think that nothing would happen,” Allen said.

A local resident started a GoFundMe to have Allen and her family return to Nevada County for their next family reunion, stating that the county is "a community full of compassionate people that values diversity."

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