The Black-Footed Cat Kittens Are BACK And Hunting Crickets

Remember these guys?

black footed cat kittens

Our favorite felines -- the trio of black-footed cat kittens at the Philadelphia Zoo -- are back. But this time, they're goin' hunting. For crickets, that is.

black footed cat 1

black footed cat 2

Turns out this is completely normal for these felines. At the zoo, black-footed cats are fed a commercial mix of raw meat formulated specially for exotic cats. Additionally, they gain enrichment in the form of small rodents and insects like mealworms and crickets -- and their diet is managed by the zoo's nutritionist.

However, what we see above is something special: Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion's first encounter with live crickets. At first, the trio looks a bit uncertain, but it doesn't take long for their predatory instincts to kick in.

But we still might be freaking out about how adorable they are.



Philadelphia Zoo Black-footed Cat Kittens