Black Friday Brawl: Violent Fight Erupts At Sacramento Mall (VIDEO)

BLACK FRIDAY BRAWL: Violent Fight Erupts At Upscale Mall

Oh, the spirit of the holidays.

A Black Friday sale at an upscale mall near Sacramento turned ugly when a large brawl erupted outside of a Victoria's Secret store. The alleged source of the argument: a pair of panties.

According to Fox News, the fight started when a pair of women argued over a bin of sale underwear at Westfield Galleria at Roseville. The fight soon escalated as three men who may have been with the women began exchanging violent blows. One of the men fell to the ground and was kicked in the head repeatedly.

Fortunately, helpful nearby customers immediately took to their smartphones--not to call police, but rather to videotape the madness. The shrieks of women and children can be heard on a video of the scene.

"It easily could have become a riot," said the man who took the video to CNN. Fighting reportedly continued for 15 minutes before security arrived.

Witnesses said that one person removed the lid of a trashcan and threw it at someone else.

"It was like a flying saucer," said a witness.

And the fight wasn't the only incident. According to Victoria's Secret employee Jessica Wilbourn, customers were out of control as soon as the mall opened its doors.

"They were throwing merchandise," Wilbourn told Fox News. "We had some boxed gift sets and one hit a girl in the head. A 15-year-old got punched in the stomach."

Adding insult to injury, another employee told Fox that the Black Friday sale wasn't much different than the sales the store offers the rest of the year.

The Galleria is one of Northern California's largest and most popular malls, but has fallen victim to consumer overexcitement in the past. In 2010, so many carolers showed up for a holiday-themed choral flash mob that the mall had to be evacuated.

"The floor was bouncing a little too much," said one witness to SFist. "I heard a few people say it seemed like an earthquake."

Will the video scare the buying public straight before the next holiday-themed disaster? You be the judge.

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