These People Got Way Too Aggressive On Black Friday

Videos of the brawls that broke out in local stores this year.

If it's worth waking up for at 3 a.m., it's apparently also worth waking up for at 3 a.m. and then punching someone in the face. 

Welcome to Black Friday, the annual tradition where bargain-crazed shoppers gather at big box stores and reenact scenes from Lord of the Flies.

At a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, bystander Adolfo E. Arzaga captured a chaotic scene as a scrum of shoppers scuffled over discounted flat-screen TVs:

In Springfield, Virginia, a college student waiting in line at a Best Buy told Fox 5 that he was attacked by a woman who tried to save a spot at the front of the line by leaving a chair there, then returning hours later.

“She was angry, and I was telling her, ‘No, you’re not getting in the front of the line. I’ve been here since 12 [p.m.],'” the student, Ahmad Shukrey told the outlet. “And she proceeds to attack me with the chair, pushing into my friend, knocking me over and twisting my ankle.”'

Steven Boone, another man in line, told the station the woman "refused to calm down" and ended up getting arrested.

Not to be outdone, shoppers at the Alexandria Mall in Alexandria, Louisiana, were treated to the sound of gunfire Thursday night after a fight in the mall parking lot escalated, reports the Town Talk. One person was injured.

Police said afterward that the "dispute [appeared] unrelated to shopping or mall operations."

Real estate search site Estately crunched the numbers last week and came up with the top 10 states most likely to see fights over Black Friday deals. Be careful out there, discount shoppers.

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