Black Friday Got Really Out Of Hand At A Nike Store Near Seattle

"Like an earthquake leveled the place."

When customers have to wade through open boxes on the floor as if they were caught in a flood, you know a Black Friday sale has gone on tilt.

Images from a Seattle-area Nike factory store in Tulalip, Washington, went viral for the total mess left by shoppers.

Larry Downer told Q13 News that the scene was “like an earthquake leveled the place.”

“It’s a huge store and it seems like every inch of the floor was covered in merchandise,” he said.

Video Downer posted on Facebook shows the extent of the disarray, featuring a few customers having to climb over the goods just to move about. 

Others shared images of what PIX 11 News called “the aftermath of a shoe and shoebox hurricane.”

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A store employee told BuzzFeed that approximately 20,000 shoppers passed through the doors between 8 p.m. Thursday and 10 p.m. Friday.