Black Friday Meditation

As a suggestion from my therapist,
I rise early to sit with legs crossed and eyes closed to breathe in "Let"
and breathe out "Go" and my mind races
like the #BlackFriday shoppers -- dashing, jabbing, prancing
on top of the faces of neighbors like reindeer
to get a cheaper television.

I watch Walmart shoppers in Puerto Rico stampede
the front doors -- quickly breaking through the single-file line the policia
had attempted to set up.

I rush in to join -- taking a few elbows to the jaw.

In the store, I see Abigail burned at the stake
next to the GrillMaster -- now only $121.99.

Icarus falls from the bright florescent ceiling -- trampled by the waves of the
amorphous crowd. His wings now shredded like the 400-thread down comforter
on sale for an incredible $124.97.

In the entertainment section, Winston Smith jiggles in front of Xbox One's new fitness routine -- amazingly now available for financing.

But, me? I've come to snatch the 50" LED TV
for $288 -- an excellent addition to my man cave.

I attempt to carry the flatscreen like a football on Sunday morning and quickly fumble
as an arrow jabs my heart -- shot from the hands of my neighbor Ms. Everdeen.

Breathe in "Let"
Breathe out "Go"