Black Friday Real Estate Deals In Colorado: Thanksgiving Weekend Could Be Ideal Time To Buy, Sell A Home (PHOTOS)

Thanksgiving Weekend Could Be The Perfect Time To Buy, Sell A Home

Thanksgiving weekend is a time to reconnect with family and friends, feast on upon Turkeys of all shapes and sizes and, of course, for: Black Friday shopping deals!

And although it's well-known that Black Friday marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season, what may come as a surprise is that it can also be a great time for house buying and selling. According to a recent survey, many Realtors are choosing to forgo crowded malls and spend the weekend pursuing serious buyers and sellers for their clients. surveyed 344 realtors between Nov. 13 and 15 and asked them about their plans for Black Friday and the results are revealing.

Many Realtors are planning to work Black Friday weekend:
  • 41.9 percent of Realtors are planning to show clients homes during Black Friday weekend.
  • 13.7 percent are planning to host an open house during Black Friday weekend.
Black Friday weekend is not for casual home buyers and sellers:
  • 67.7 percent of Realtors would describe Black Friday home sellers as serious to very serious about selling a home.
  • 61.4 percent would describe Black Friday home buyers as serious to very serious about buying a home.
Advantages of showing potential buyers homes over Black Friday weekend:
  • 40.1 percent of Realtors surveyed think serious sellers likely to accept an offer is an advantage of showing homes over Black Friday weekend.
  • 37.3 percent believe decreased competition between buyers.
  • 25.8 percent think potential buyers with more time to see homes.
Advantages of hosting an open house during Black Friday weekend:
  • 46.6 percent of Realtors view less competition with other homes on the market as an advantage of hosting an open house during Black Friday weekend
  • 44.4 percent believe serious buyers more likely to make an offer
  • 29.4 percent think less busy open houses that allow them to give more individual attention to buyers.

With home prices in the Denver metro area returning to record highs of 2006, Thanksgiving weekend could be just the right time to find a good deal on a great house.

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