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Middle School Girl Dismissed From Class For Wearing 'Skin-Colored' Tights (VIDEO)

Deja, an 11-year-old in Sunland, California, was sent to the principal's office at her middle school last week over a supposedly "racy" pair of clothing: her pants.

KTLA reports that the middle schooler was called in for discipline over the dark brown leggings she was wearing, which got her dismissed from class on Friday. She returned to school on Tuesday.

Deja's mother, Yolanda Tunstill, says that the incident was related to her daughter's skin color, as she's never been called in for wearing leggings before she wore this dark brown pair. "I felt discriminated against," she said. "I can understand if they said okay, this type of material, this type of clothing [was inappropriate]. But for you to make a remark to state because the pants were brown and to make a remark about my daughter's skin color... That was not right to me." She's planning to take legal action.

Mount Gleason Middle School maintains that the school's dress code policy bars students from wearing sleepwear, loungewear or tights as pants and that this is simply an issue of enforcing the rules.

This isn't the first time tights have caused controversy: in June, a court reporter in New Zealand was kicked out of court for wearing gold disco pants.

Dress code or no, see some (grown adults) wearing leggings as pants:

Leggings As Pants?!

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