The 'Black Girls Rock' Red Carpet Was Filled With Stylish & Stunning Black Women, Obvi (PHOTOS)

Our favorite annual parade of beautiful black women on the red carpet took place on Saturday.

Beverly Bond's 2013 Black Girls Rock event was yet again an awesome celebration for the organization that aims to empower and mentor young women of color, while also promoting a positive portrayal of black women in the media.

With Tracee Ellis Ross and Regina King hosting; Queen Latifah and Venus Williams being honored; and performances by Patti LaBelle, Mariah Carey and Janelle Monáe -- it was certainly an amazing night. But before the dazzling show inside the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark, there were plenty of showstopping moments on the red carpet.

Between Venus' colorful braids, Tatyana Ali's stunning white gown and J. Hud's new pixie cut, our style-loving hearts were bursting with joy.

You'll have to tune into BET on November 3 at 7pm (EST) to see all the fabulousity for yourself -- but in the meantime check out all the sensational red carpet moments in the slideshow below.

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Black Girls Rock 2013 Red Carpet Arrivals