11 YouTubers With The Best Tutorials For Black Hair

These vloggers have amazing DIY videos for natural hair, styling braids and locs, installing wigs and much more.

You can find nearly any kind of tutorial on YouTube, and odds are you have, whether it’s a cooking video, a life hack, a home decor DIY or the booming beauty section of YouTube, where beauty gurus discuss everything from beginner makeup techniques to hair routines and styling tips.

Natural hair is just one talented corner of YouTube. Black hair is incredibly versatile and there are a number of vloggers changing the game when it comes to hair videos. There are natural hair DIYs and styling ideas for braiding, locs and twists, and even videos teaching you how to install, style and DIY wigs. No matter what you’re looking for, YouTube is full of gurus spreading their talents and sharing their knowledge.

Rather than fall into a rabbit hole of tutorials, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites and checked in with stylists for their thoughts and recommendations. Now you can finally learn how to braid, upgrade your wash day techniques, DIY your next protective style and just enjoy a bunch of fun and informative videos. Keep reading to see our picks.

1.13 million subscribers

Naptural85, better known as Whitney White, is an OG beauty guru who’s shared her natural hair journey and beauty tips for years. White creates hair care DIYs like deep conditioner and hot oil treatments, product reviews and helpful tutorials fit for all hair textures. Kiyah Wright, celebrity hairstylist and Royal Oils Gold Series Ambassador, shared her thoughts: “She is very clear in her delivery and I love her favorite products. Her tutorials are easy to follow. She also wears a diversity of hairstyles and discusses a variety of products.”

1.84 million subscribers

Before your next trip to the beauty supply store, be sure to take a deep dive into The Chic Natural’s archives for style inspiration. Kim covers hair care, wigs, quick and easy protective styles like crochet box braids and faux locs, and a little bit of style and lifestyle mixed in. “The Chic Natural shows a variety of styling and braiding techniques, without being overcomplicated,” said stylist Leigh Hardges of Maxine Salon. “She explains the steps very clearly. I would recommend her to clients who are looking to be more confident when styling their hair at home.”

391,000 subscribers

Another notable YouTuber that Hardges recommends is Monica, also known as Mo Knows Hair. Monica shares plenty of healthy hair and styling tips, from natural hair styling to styling with heat. She also has her own brand of natural hair care products, free of sulfates and parabens. “Mo Knows Hair is a veteran in the Black hair YouTube community,” Hardges told HuffPost. “She is a licensed cosmetologist and shares all her knowledge with viewers. She has been sponsored by a variety of cosmetics companies. She offers a variety of styling techniques for natural hair without wigs or extensions. She also includes lifestyle tips on caring for and maintaining hairstyles.”

343,000 subscribers

If you’re looking to improve your wash day routine, Will is worth a follow. His content ranges from product reviews to viral video reactions. Hardges told HuffPost, “Will on a Whim is a must-view for anyone and everyone. His tips are based on the science of hair and he shares factual information. He makes his content fun and easy to apply in real life. His focus is more on hair and scalp health with results in beautifully healthy hair. My fave by far.”

708,000 subscribers

Monet is a must follow for head-to-toe glam, covering makeup tutorials, shopping hauls and of course hair tutorials. It’s easy to see why she’s a fan favorite, but also a hairstylist favorite. Celebrity hairstylist Monae Everett counts her among her favorites: “I love that Tiarra Monet’s channel is multifaceted and includes wig styling, protective styling and natural hair, and that she experiments with different hair colors,” Everett told HuffPost. “I love that she shows diverse hair textures, colors and lengths. I appreciate that she is a licensed hairstylist who offers her services to clients and is able to try out her techniques on different textures.”

668,000 subscribers

Annagjid “Kee” Taylor’s collection of videos is as impressive as her celebrity clientele (like actresses Keke Palmer and Tika Sumpter). The celebrity stylist shares her reviews, advice and hair care tips while working on clients with different hair textures. Whitney Hunt of Oscar Blandi salon explains why she’s on her list of favorites: “[Taylor] is my favorite for silk pressing natural hair in rages of 4a-4c types.”

497,000 subscribers

Whether you’re new to wigs or an expert, TheBrilliantBeauty’s channel is worth checking out. She covers the basics of wig installation, styling, affordable wigs and even making your own. Wondering which wigs are worth the price tag? She’s got plenty of reviews, and even reviews and reworks synthetic wigs. If wigs aren’t your thing, she also has tips, tricks and tutorials for crochet braid hairstyles, braids and updos.

1.2 million subscribers

Khadijat, known to millions as Peak Mill, is a master of making wigs from start to finish and it’s lots of fun to watch her process, even if you don’t plan on DIYing a wig yourself. Along with making her own wigs, she of course shares tips for a flawless installation, styling and coloring. To pair with your flawless install she also has affordable shopping hauls and lookbooks and beauty tutorials, like her foundation routine and easy lash application, because no look is complete without lashes.

2.41 million subscribers

Brown does bold beauty and big hair, from pastel Fenty eyeshadow tutorials to her tricks for voluminous natural hair. Between vlogs with her family and friends and makeup tutorials and reviews, she also shares hair tutorials and styling ideas that work for any hair type and length, like Rihanna-inspired faux locs, a sleek bun or a braided ponytail with serious length.

749,000 subscribers

For plenty of natural hairstyling inspiration, makeup tutorials, art and music, Bri Hall’s channel is one to check out. Hall, who also sings under the alias La Hara, shares easy-to-follow tutorials, from ’90s-inspired beauty to DIY passion twists and hair treatments. Bria Day of Salon Allure of Richmond and owner of The Bundle Bee, told HuffPost, “Bri shows an excellent amount of at home DIY hair styles for those females who have a natural hair type. She has many videos on her channel with a range of options to choose from, like adding natural faux locs to simple curly buns you can achieve from the comfort of your own bathroom within minutes.”

184,000 subscribers

If your first thought when seeing Daye’s channel or Instagram is, “How can I get this style?” the influencer and beauty guru makes it easy for you. Daye shares all her favorite products for natural hair and even shares tips on how she cares for her color-treated hair. Hunt explains why Daye landed on her list of favorites: “She provides long-term weekly regimens by using perm rods and a variety of all-natural hair products. Explaining each step for a novice consumer at home trying to achieve a curly set, she’s my go-to for advice and product knowledge.”

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