17 Closet Staples That Celebrate Black Culture

Wear your pride on your sleeve.

Anytime is a good time to flaunt your black pride. But Black History Month is an especially opportune time to stock up on apparel and rep your heritage.

That’s why we’ve rounded up 17 clothing items and accessories from black-owned clothing lines that you absolutely need in your closet. From tees with reaffirming messages to hats that remind us of the beauty in blackness, you’ll raise a proud fist rocking these pieces.

Take a look (and get your credit card ready.)

This "Black By Popular Demand" shirt

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$44.99, HGC Apparel. Buy here.
This limited edition Malcolm/Ali clutch

The #MalcolmAli clutch will no longer be sold after February! Grab yours on kashmirviii.com

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$45, Kashmiir VIII. Buy here.
This Black Panther tee from Nas' HSTRY line

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$29, HSTRY. Buy here.
This "unbossed and unbought" tee
$25, Philadelphia Printworks. Buy here.
This backpack that honors a few trailblazers of black history
$50, Because of Them We Can. Buy here.
This 1968 Olympics lapel pin
$10, Radical Dreams. Buy here.
This jacket that doubles as a reminder that the fight continues
$56, Gloss Rags. Buy here.
This African pride hat

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$28, Llulo. Buy here.
This tee depicting an accurate quote from Harriet Tubman
Starting at $20, MasterMindzMarket. Buy here.
This dad hat that cannot tell a lie
$30, The Carter Brand. Buy Here.
This shirt that tells the real truth about Black History Month
$29.95, Black N Ugly. Buy here.
This chic African-print skirt (with pockets!)
$79.99, Zuvaa. Buy here.
One of these vibrant headwraps
Starting at $24; Cee Cee's Closet. Buy here.
This shirt that will always remind you to go high when they go low
$45, House of Hillary. Buy here.
This "Black Lives Matter" tee that gives back to black organizations

A post shared by Blk Proverbs (@blkproverbs) on

$23, BLK Proverbs. Buy here.
This onesie for the future HBCU alum
$15.99, HBCU Grad. Buy here.
This shirt that reminds us that we're making black history right now
$35, Legendary Rootz. Buy here.
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