Jokes About The Black Hole Photo Will Make You Forget We're All Going To Die One Day

The first-ever photo of a black hole had a strong gravitational pull toward comedy.

Selfies and pictures of your brunch are cool, but have you ever seen a black hole?

On the heels of scientists from a global collaboration of telescopes announcing that they have the first-ever photograph of a black hole, Twitter users went wild with the jokes. 

The black hole photograph has been years in the making and captures a mass that is “about seven billion times more massive than the sun is unleashing a violent jet of energy some 5,000 light years into space,” according to The New York Times.

For those who forgot what they learned in high school science, a black hole is an extremely dense object that no light can escape from, nor can anything else that comes within its “event horizon.” As NASA puts it, that is the black hole’s point of no return so anything that enters it will never reemerge. 

So, now that we know those giant horrifying holes are actually real and have photographic evidence ... We can either sit in existential dread and question what we’re all doing here OR we can read these jokes! We’re choosing the latter. Enjoy!