'Black-ish' Star Miles Brown Has Adorable Sleep Campaign For Kids

You snooze or you lose.

A 10-year-old might not be the first person you'd think is working to help kids sleep better, but Miles Brown, star of the TV show "Black-ish", is doing just that.

Brown has partnered with Sleep Number for their #CommitToSleep campaign, which aims to reduce America's sleep debt and improve children's quality of sleep. The National Sleep Foundation estimates that 69% of kids have sleep-related problems that may lead to issues in school, extracurricular activities and behavior.

As a working actor, Brown said that at one point his career started to take a toll on his rest, but he credits his Sleep Number bed with helping him get his sleep cycle back on track.

"A long time ago I wasn't getting that good of sleep, and sometimes it could affect the way I am in the daytime," Brown told The Huffington Post. "But now I get really good sleep, so that I can make it through the day."

Brown said that he gets about 10 hours of sleep every night, and shared some important tips for kids to make time for sleep. "I put away my iPad an hour before bedtime, [and] don't play any video games before bedtime," Brown said. "I also read a book."

Brown's campaign includes public sleep announcements in which he explains the science behind what a lack of sleep can do to you. In the PSAs (as they're cleverly called), Brown also gives helpful suggestions on how to reverse the negative effects of sleep loss.

Brown said that his newfound love for sleep has really impacted his career and he's even earned the nickname of "party-time" on the "black-ish" set because of all his energy. "I'm always hyper and that's because I get lots of sleep," Brown said.

More information about the Sleep Number IQ bed and to learn more about the importance of sleep for kids is available online.

CORRECTION: Mistakes happen when you don't get enough sleep! This post has been updated to show that the National Sleep Foundation, not Sleep Number, estimates 69% of kids have sleep-related problems.

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