Black Leaders, Activists Speak Out In Wake Of Dallas Shooting

"Together we can work to heal America."

The nation is in mourning after a shooting by snipers on Thursday in Dallas, Texas, at a Black Lives Matter rally left five police officers dead.

Their deaths prompted people around the country to express their condolences over those who were killed in the calculated act of violence. Black leaders and politicians, many of whom still grieve the recent police killings of black men Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, are among those who shared powerful sentiments in reaction to the tragedy.

Here’s a roundup of the heartfelt responses from black leaders and activists who made statements in light of this week’s shootings:   

Dominique Alexander, president/founder of Next Generation Action Network

“We echo the words of President Obama yesterday when he stated that because black lives matter it does not mean blue lives do not matter. With that being said we condemn the actions that took the lives of five officers and wounded seven. We sincerely thank the Dallas Police Department and the DART Police for assisting us with our protest. We understand that although officers volunteer to risk their lives they certainly do not deserve to die. We do not know the details of the investigation but however we will do our part with authorities to ensure that a proper investigation is conducted. We extend our deepest condolences to the families of the victims affected yesterday. in addition to the families of the victims of everyone in American that have experienced the loss of a loved one that do not deserve to die. As we always stated that the time has come to find solutions. Together we can work to heal America.  



5 Officers Killed By Sniper Attack During Dallas Protest