24 Old School Cool Photos Of Black Couples Throughout The Years

We asked readers to share their favorite photos of their grandparents and parents through the years.

Nothing beats paging through old photo albums and reminiscing about how much the people in our lives loved each other and in the process, taught us how to love.

With that in mind ― and to celebrate Black love ― we asked our readers to share their favorite old-school pictures of their parents and grandparents through the years. They did not disappoint. See what they had to share and say below.

Note: Some readers requested that we use only their first names to protect their privacy. Submissions have been edited for style and clarity.

"My super cute grandparents, Dr. J.B. Jones of Louisiana and Dr. Edith Irby Jones of Arkansas. He was the first black person to receive a doctorate at the University of Washington and she was the first black person to finish at Southern Medical School at the University of Arkansas." -- @UnsweetIcedTia
Michaela Poitevien
"This is a picture of both of my parents, Myriam and Michael, when they were in their 20's. As you can see, the love was strong at the time. I feel as though this picture embodies black love — a love that's pure, overflowing and strong. The expressions on their faces is something beautiful because, even though they had their share of tough times, they still managed to remember the love and hold onto it. Black love is strong... it's strong through the trials, it's strong through the kids, it's strong through all that life throws at it." -- Michaela Poitevien
Faber Andrés Vergara
"Here I am with my parents, James and Ruth, circa 1979. I love my mother's smile and how cool my father looks." -- Faber Andrés Vergara
Risa Colander
"A picture of my mother, Rosalind and father, Christopher Colander around 1993. What I love most about the photo is how happy they looked, and well, the box braids never hurt." -- Risa Colander
"I recently found my grandparent's wedding album from 1963." -- @FauxPas___
"These are my great-grandparents. Both my sets of great-grandparents were together as long as I knew them and I’m genuinely lucky and blessed to have known both sets." -- Rusty Redenbacher
"Here are my parents, Cameil and Stephen, on a cruise on the Cunard around the Eastern Caribbean in July/August 1995. My mom saved that dress for me!" -- Kyra
"My grandparents, who've been together more than 50 years, are relationship goals." -- @xaviechanel
"My family, led by my grandparents, Ralph and Virginia. I love the photo because of how classic it is and how well it represents that era as well as my family." -- LaNia
Ronald Kent Holloway II
"This photo was taken around 1964-1965 when my father, Ronald Kent Holloway, Esq, originally enlisted in the US Air Force. My mom, Celeste Judith, and dad were high school sweethearts and later married in 1967.

I love how cool they look. That may sound surface level, but I love the pose and the vibe they are giving. My mom has her eyes closed and I can only imagine what was on her mind. I lost my mom in 1989 and my dad in 2015, so when my uncle gave me this pic it just filled another unheard story that I missed out on because of their untimely passing. The pic was taken in the basement of my grandparents house on the westside of Detroit. My mom would go on and collect two masters degrees and work for Detroit public schools. My dad would earn his law degree and become General Counsel for MGM Grand Casino in Detroit. I miss them daily!" -- Ronald Kent Holloway II
"My parents have shared 24 years of healthy, beautiful black love. Thank you for showing me what real love is and can be." -- Ciara C. Hart
"My mom and dad on their wedding day in 1969. I was born three years later." -- Rachel Stewart
"My parents have been together for 31 whole years and I'm here for it." -- @justlikejdot
Toni Foster
"My parents, Isaac and Dicey Etheridge. I asked my mom for the backstory. She shared this: 'This picture was taken in 1973. We used to do a lot of sewing. I made this jump suite he is wearing and that's what we were showing off: how sexy he looked in it.'" -- Toni Foster
"My grandparents just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. There was an uproar the day after Dr. King got shot so they decided to run to the courthouse with only my grandpa's brother and the judge’s wife as their witnesses and get married." -- @Peace_LoLa
Kosa Akaraiwe
"This photo of my grandparents Moses and Janet O. was taken on June 21, 1958. It was right after their wedding at an Anglican Church in a city called Ibadan, Nigeria.

I love the photo because it captures the essence of my grandparents: My late grandfather was a civil engineer who was really engrossed in his work but also loved his family. He was also a very shy and loving man and you can really see that in the photo. My grandmother was a nurse for most of her life but also started a school in her hometown of Benin, Nigeria which she is still running till this day. She's a very caring and nurturing woman which you can also see in the photo." -- Kosa Akaraiwe
Melody Hence
"From the mountains of West Virginia, he was a coal miner and she was a housewife that raised their 10 kids. After 56 years of marriage I thought she would never stopped mourning his death. Their lives were filled with many ups and downs, but in the end it was a very good life." -- Melody Hence
"Happy 19th anniversary to my wonderful parents! The way they love each other has set such a high standard for the love I desire from my future partner. They’re the perfect example of black love being alive and real." -- @c_angeleee
Anisah Ali
"My grandparents found their way to each other when they were 16 years old, which would’ve been in the mid-'60s. Five sons, 19 grandchildren and two great grandchildren later, they loved each other deeply until my Grampie passed away in 2009. They never had a big wedding. They actually were married in my Grammie’s parents living room. In 2006, my Grampie gave her the church wedding of her dreams. Her sons were his groomsmen, her sisters were her maid and matron of honor, and her granddaughters were her flower girls and bridesmaids. They’re the reason I believe in love." -- Anisah Ali
"My parents have been together for almost three decades!" -- @Desh3hunna
Justyn Gottlieb
"I love seeing how happy my parents Michael and Arlette were on their wedding day. They have such big smiles on their faces and are full of joy. They married on March 22, 1980 and my parents are still married. My mom's smile because it hasn't changed at all!" -- Justyn Gottlieb
Helena Hamilton
"Wilburn Hamilton and Joy Hamilton in 1963, San Francisco, California. They remained married until mom died of cancer in 2010." -- Helena Hamilton
"My parents. Their 27th anniversary was this summer." -- @miyungYUMM
"My grandparents. When I called my grandma up to ask if I could submit this photo, she said, 'Yeah, girl! I was hot to trot back then! It’ll be 50 years this year and we’re still in the honeymoon stage.'" --@KierraLanice

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