'Black Mirror' Came To Life On London Street Overrun By Bees

We can't bee-lieve this.

Greenwich, London was buzzing during Tuesday’s rush hour ― but not for the reason you might think. 

A massive swarm of bees invaded Greenwich Church Street, causing motorists and passersby to run for cover. It’s unclear what prompted the bees to swarm or where they came from.

Videos and photographs of the surreal moment have cropped up on social media in the hours since it happened:

A nearby shop owner, Abigail Hering, told the Press Association she could initially hear an “underlying hum”, adding: “It was just literally swarming, above the cars around the one way system.”

“When I left work, I went to walk towards my car, they were on the traffic lights. Millions of them on the traffic lights. And then at that point they’d come lower so they were actually buzzing around the people,” she told the publication. 

For fans of the English TV show “Black Mirror,” there’s an episode that channels this buggy situation. If you know it, you’ll never want to go to this area of London again. If you don’t, just know that the episode involves drone bees and it is... terrifying. 

At any rate, the pedestrian crossing where the bees congregated appears to have been cleared, and the bees “safely relocated.”

Bee careful out there, Londoners.



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