What 3 Of Our Favorite BIPOC Mixologists Are Drinking This New Year's Eve

D'ussé and bubbles? Don't mind if I do.
What our favorite BIPOC mixologists are drinking this holiday
Credit: Grand Marnier
What our favorite BIPOC mixologists are drinking this holiday

The spirits industry has long been where Black and brown consumers and tastemakers alike have been dismissed, regardless of how much we invest in our favorite brands. And while that’s changing — social media is now flooded with dynamic booze influencers of color — there’s more work to be done. Thankfully, some of that work includes drinking.

While our cultures largely influence what we drink and how we imbibe, there are mixologists out there not just fighting to foster more diversity behind the scenes (and behind the bar) but also expose us to amazing spirits, expressions, and cocktails that we might not ordinarily try. And especially around New Year’s Eve, having a pleasurable and well-rounded drinking experience is a priority.

And so we tapped a few of our very favorite BIPOC mixologists to put us on: Alexis Brown is a Chicago-based spirits prodigy who founded Causing a Stir, an organization whose mission is to make the hospitality industry more inclusive. Similarly, Josh Davis, also in Chicago, founded Brown and Balanced, an event that celebrates Black bar and hospitality professionals. And Anthony Bates, a beloved lead bartender at The Polo Room in New York, is also always looking to encourage a more nuanced drinking experience for BIPOC consumers. Below, they’ve graced us with some of their favorite bottles to pop this New Year’s Eve.

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Le Fête Du Rosé, Cotes De Provence
This Black-owned rosé from St. Tropez evokes hazelnut, tropical fruits, and the relaxed, refined vibe of a French summertime getaway.
El Dorado 15 Year
This bottle is lauded among rum enthusiasts worldwide and happens to be one of Bates's top picks. The wintery notes of honey, apricot, and cinnamon, he says, are perfect for a cold New Year's Eve.
Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège
"I like to drink it on the rocks, but it’s great in any classic cocktail," Brown says of the classic cognac that never misses the mark. "It has a bold baking spice note which always reminds me of the holidays.”
Casa Dragones Reposado Tequila
Crafted in small batches, this expression is rested in new Mizunara oak casks, giving it a butterscotch taste with a smooth finish, which Bates promises to be "a crowd pleaser and party starter."
Absolut Elyx Single Estate
An illuminating pick for a martini, this crisp and clean vodka is thoughtfully crafted with water from the Swedish springs. Its mild sweetness also makes at a smart option for chilled celebratory shots.
Lagavulin 8 Year Single Malt
Complex without being overwhelmingly peaty, this scotch is the perfect New Year's Eve pick. Characterized by its round and mildly sweet flavors, it perfectly pairs with a ribeye — or any other indulgent protein that might be on your holiday table.
Laphroaig 2022 Cairdeas Islay Single Malt
This limited edition scotch is all at once intense and sultry, as its smoky, peaty punch melts into a mildly floral aftertaste. For those with a discerning palate, this bottle is one to celebrate with.
Grand Marnier Cuvée Louis-Alexandre
This glorious flavor collab between cognac and orange liqueur creates fireworks with essences of bergamot and Early Grey tea. Best on the rocks or neat, it'll bring an air of luxury to any celebration.
Sorel Liqueur
This Black-owned liqueur — inspired by the Caribbean holiday staple — blends Moroccan hibiscus with Nigerian ginger, Indonesian cassia and nutmeg, and Brazilian cloves. “I sub it into my cosmos instead of cranberry juice but also love it simply in a highball with an orange Lacroix,” Brown says.
Siempre Reposado
This reposado is a grown expression for a grown New Year's Eve. Rich with notes of vanilla and dried fruit, this tequila is a revelation on the rocks with a squeeze of lime. It's made with American oak barrels and contains a hint of natural aguamiel, an agave sap believed to have therapeutic qualities.
D'ussé V.S.O.P.
This cognac is a New Year's Eve staple for Davis who typically enjoys a neat pour followed with a cigar — but he says he never turns down a D'ussé Sidecar.
Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label
While bubbles on their own are always a win during the holidays, Davis loves an effervescent cocktail to match the mood. "Once the party is in full swing, I bring the D'usse and bubbles together for a refreshing French 75 riff," he says.
DAOU 2019 Soul Of A Lion
This Californian Cabernet Sauvignon is a full-bodied, multi-dimensional wine that leads with its various berry notes. For those who crave a more grounded buzz, this is the perfect red.
Chinola Passion Fruit Liqueur
Best as a cocktail ingredient (but great on its own if you're keeping it low ABV this holiday), this sweet, tart liqueur is made from passion fruit sustainably sourced in the Dominican Republic. Paired with anything sparkling, it transforms into a customized Chismosa.

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