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Black on Black Tax Math

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Warren Buffet released his tax returns yesterday, confirming that he paid 17 percent federal income tax (he paid $7 million on $40 million of income), and called on other billionaires to do the same in an effort to show that the #OccupyWallStreet folks are right: the rich should pay more. President Obama is pushing his millionaire tax with no chance that it will actually become law as an election year ploy. And a pizza millionaire is leading the race for the Republican Presidential nomination on the promise that he will throw out the tax code, do away with the IRS and impose a 9 percent income, corporate, and sales tax across the board.

For the first time it's a real possibility that we will have a Presidential election pitting one African American man against another. Yet employment of black males over 20 stands at 56.9 percent (yes that means almost half don't have jobs) according to the most recent national jobs report. The U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics estimates that more than 846,000 black men are in prison, making up 40.2 percent of all inmates in the system. That's more than the number of black men enslaved in 1850, before the Civil War. Isn't this a tax on manhood based on color?

And neither Obama nor Cain has made addressing racism a part of their platform.

Have we all just gone completely insane? South Africa is beginning to look like a racially progressive country compared to the United States.

Seems to me we need a Presidential candidate who is actually black, no matter what the color of his skin. And that's from a white venture capitalist that is just dying to throw out the tax code and start over.

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