50 Black-Owned Beauty Brands You Can Support Right Now

These makeup, skin care and hair care brands deserve your support today and every day.

Now more than ever, Black people need to be empowered, uplifted and supported. Whether you join as an ally on the front lines to protest racism and injustice, hire Black people in leadership roles (#PullUpOrShutUp) or support Black-owned businesses, the time is now to put your money where your #BlackOutTuesday post is.

One of the first ways to do that is to buy from Black-owned businesses. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many Black-owned businesses had to shutter their brick and mortar stores or suspend their e-commerce sites because of supply chain issues, yet only 12% of Black and brown business owners got Paycheck Protection Program loans. Even when the world isn’t in the midst of a pandemic-induced recession, banks routinely deny Black businesses access to loans and capital, which makes them more susceptible to failure.

As if that didn’t make things difficult enough, many Black-owned businesses were caught in the crossfire of tensions and frustrations in the wake of the deaths of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and many others as looting took place across the country. Some Black-owned businesses were looted, and some were burned to the ground. Many Black business owners understand that things can be replaced and bodies cannot, but it still is important to support and uplift Black-owned businesses as they seek to rebuild and reopen.

Something that we can all do to support Black business owners at this time is to buy from Black-owned beauty brands. Beauty is a universal indulgence that often overlooks Black people. The beauty industry has long put Black consumers on the back burner, whether it’s offering limited complexion product shades, creating sunscreen that leaves behind a white cast on brown and Black skin or excluding Black models from marketing imagery. History has shown that it’s Black-owned businesses that have filled that void, leading to the thousands of Black-owned beauty brands we have today.

It’s important to note that Black-owned does not mean Black only. The shampoos, conditioners, eye palettes, lipsticks, soaps and body butters created by Black-owned beauty brands not only provide the hydration or pigmentation that Black consumers need, but they also work amazingly well for consumers of other ethnicities. Black-owned beauty brands put careful time and consideration into making sure that formulas are perfect for the range of Black skin tones and hair textures, and they also put deep consideration into their mascara, eyeliner, lip liner and skin care formulas.

Some businesses that cater to the needs of the Black beauty consumer are not Black-owned. If you’re going to stand in financial solidarity with Black businesses, you need to know which are Black-owned and not just Black-accommodating. Of course, it’s necessary for non-Black-owned businesses to start being or continue to be inclusive of the Black demographic — which has an estimated $1 trillion in buying power — in their product offerings, their marketing imagery and more. But it’s also important to give financial support to Black-owned beauty brands that — unlike their non-Black counterparts — are less likely to receive financial support from banks.

Out of the thousands of Black-owned beauty brands in existence, here is a list of 50 that you can support today and every day.

This Black woman-owned brand provides hydrating oils, indulgent bath salts and more to keep skin hydrated and moisturized.

Oyin’s must-try products include conditioners that leave your hair moist and frizz-free and provide ultimate shine.

There’s a reason why Uniqurl’s four-in-one styler continues to sell out: It’s rich, hydrating and super moisturizing.

This brand has a full range of products, but the bold colors and quality pigments of its bestselling eyeshadow palettes will have you reaching for them time and again.

Clean beauty is at the foundation of this Black-owned skincare line that centers on clean and holistic practices.

Dryness and frizziness are things of the past with this hair care line that uses ingredients such as banana and coconut to nourish the hair.

Indulge in this Black-owned skin care brand that whips up tasty body butters that hydrate the skin and leave it soft and supple.

This brand believes in nourishing the body inside and out with a line of whole-food face masks and superfood lattes. Read co-founder Trinity Mouzon Wofford’s thoughts on recent events.

This brand’s products are known for the moisture they provide to curly hair, perfect if you’re looking to reduce frizz and for products that moisturize 4C hair.

Mielle creates hair care products that work, and the line’s array of scents will leave your hair not only healthy and hydrated but also smelling amazing.

This vegan-friendly lip line offers a bold array of colors and environmentally friendly products that you can feel good about.

Richly and naturally scented, this line will leave hair smelling sweet and looking moisturized.

As the name implies, this line is made without parabens, an ingredient that is the bane of a 2A-4C’s existence.

This ultra-luxe line is known for its ultra-soothing cleansing wipes, which provide a powerful cleanse and soft scent.

Eclectic yet powerful, this line provides styling products that work, and with product names that make you feel like dancing.

Whether you’re looking for highlighters, lashes or lip glosses, this multi-hyphenate beauty brand has the quality products you need.

This Black woman-owned brand delivers products that are ultra-rich and moisturizing. Its More Moisture Cream is a fan favorite.

Known for its Coca Creme Clay Wash, this brand’s natural and powerful ingredients leave hair feeling squeaky clean and healthy.

Using plant-based ingredients, this brand is committed to healing the skin from the inside out.

This Black woman-owned company is best known for its long-wear lipsticks that come in an array of colors, from bold to neutral.

This nontoxic nail color line creates bold and beautiful shades that pair well with Black and brown complexions.

Not only does this brand create hair care products that nourish, but it also donates some of its proceeds to breast cancer awareness initiatives.

This luxury vegan and nontoxic color line creates shades that complement a range of skin tones while remaining committed to healing and nourishing nails.

This line is known for its series of skin and hair products that smell decadent and help to heal skin and hair from the inside out.

As its name implies, this brand is committed to providing a range of shades for Black and brown girls whose complexions are often left out of product launches.

From lip stains to masks, this brand uses clean ingredients to create products that create glowing skin with pops of added color.

These salon-quality lashes will take your eye makeup to the next level and won’t have you worrying about infection or irritation.

From soaps to roll-on oils, this skin care line uses natural and apothecary ingredients to bring you fresh and indulgent skin care.

Known for its bold eyeshadow palettes, this brand uses quality shadows that you’ll reach for time and time again to create artistic looks.

Celebrity makeup artists rave about this line of products, which are richly pigmented and top-tier quality

If you’re looking for a body scrub that isn’t slippery and digs down deep, these scrubs are a must-have!

This line is committed to bringing complexion products to the table that complement Black skin. Its vegan and nontoxic ingredients are added pluses!

This brand’s signature lippies are known for their long wear and bold colors, and the full product offerings are all must-trys.

This botanical-based beauty brand creates products that both heal and hydrate.

Dedicated to protecting hair, this line includes silk and satin in its protective products to help reduce frizz and breakage.

Legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath’s line is world-renowned for its quality, pigments and innovation.

Its signature, richly pigmented palettes will help you create beautiful and bold makeup looks.

With its rich body butters, intoxicating body oils and luxe bath oils, this brand delivers a spa-like experience right to your door.

This line is known for a mesh body exfoliator that leaves skin glowing and supple.

The whipped shea butters from this brand leave skin feeling decadent, and its products are handmade by (and the proceeds help support) women in Ghana.

This brand’s body oil, whipped body butter, silkening soaps and other products will leave your skin radiant and hydrated.

Glowing skin and flawless lashes are the signature at this growing Black-owned beauty brand.

Dedicated to providing hair care that focuses on the health of locs, this brand is perfect, whether you’re just starting on your loc journey or are a seasoned loc caretaker.

With unique scents and product shapes, this holistic skin care brand brings health and jollification together.

45. Kaike

This plant-based skin care line uses clean ingredients that are safe for the skin and for the environment.

This brand’s ultra-indulgent handmade soaps, clarifying facial oil and other products will leave you feeling radiant.

Sunscreen used to be the enemy of Black and brown folks until Black Girl Sunscreen changed the game with a sunscreen that leaves behind zero residue.

This brand’s ultra-hydrating face jelly continues to sell out because of its super moisturizing and hydrating properties.

Offering luxe products for skin and hair, these Black women created a line that will have you feeling as if you’re getting a spa experience at home.

This retro hair care line pays homage to ’90s hip-hop, as well as to curly and kinky strands, offering nourishment and easy-styler products.

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