Black-Owned Coffee Brands You Can Order Online

Whole beans, espresso and instant coffee from Black-owned brands to step up your morning routine.
BeanFruit coffee from Target, Portrait Coffee from Trade, Caribbrew coffee from Amazon, The Get Down Coffee Co. from Target.

The alarm goes off and you hit snooze exactly two times before zombie-walking to the kitchen to make your daily cup (ahem, pot) of coffee. Though your morning routine may never change, switching up your coffee beans lets you experience new aromas and support small businesses with values that align with yours.

If you’re looking to spruce up your beverage game, these Black-owned coffee brands are slinging cold brew, espresso, instant coffee and whole beans in a wide variety of flavors, roasts and tasting notes.

Coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia, which is important to remember since “coffee culture” in the U.S. is often synonymous with snooty cafes or giant chains that are often owned by white people. Buying Black-owned coffee doesn’t just support historically underrepresented businesses, it helps to further recognize the history of the drink and to properly celebrate the amazing Black entrepreneurs who have always been in coffee.

Whether you measure your water meticulously in a goose-neck kettle or prefer instant coffee full of flavored creamer, these brands have something for all java drinkers. From Atlanta’s Portrait Coffee to Oakland’s Red Bay, we’ve rounded up a selection of Black-owned coffee brands to help you find your perfect cup.

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Portrait Coffee
Founded in 2019, Portrait Coffee is an Atlanta-based company focused on community building and celebrating the history of Black entrepreneurship in Atlanta's West End. Flavors range from notes of tart raspberry to brown sugar to nutty. Portrait Coffee also makes a rocking decaf and has super-cute merch.
Kahawa 1893
Kahawa 1893 was founded by Kenyan entrepreneur Margaret Nyamumbo in an effort to support and empower women farmers in Kenya and Rwanda. All the beans come from small, all-women farms. The flavors range from more classic light and medium roasts to specialized beans like Kenyan Peaberry.
Chicago French Press
Started by a former Wall Street analyst and Howard University alum, Kris Christian, Chicago French Press is coffee for those who like lots of cream and sugar. The flavors are powerful and sweet, and are aimed to make coffee more enjoyable for all.
The Get Down Coffee Co.
The Get Down Coffee Co. is a coffee shop and bean retailer operating out of Northeast Minneapolis. In addition to whole beans, the company sells instant coffee, decaf and espresso.
BeanFruit Coffee
BeanFruit Coffee from Jackson, Mississippi, makes small-batch, single-origin coffees with a carefully curated selection of beans. They have light and medium roasts, espresso and decaf options.
Red Bay Coffee
Red Bay Coffee was founded in 2014 by Keba Konte, an artist based in Oakland, California. The company focuses on diversifying the coffee industry, with an emphasis on hiring people of color, the formerly incarcerated and people with disabilities. Flavors range from sweet peanut butter and chocolate brews to medium roasts with notes of citrus.
Blk & Bold
Pernell Cezar and Rod Johnson founded Blk & Bold, a startup-turned-nationally distributed coffee and tea company, in Des Moines, Iowa, in 2018. The company is known for its strong flavors and unique collaborations, like the "Warm Up" coffee made with the NBA.
Caribbrew is a Haitian- and Black-owned beverage company founded by Beverly Malebranche that is currently based in New Jersey. It works in partnership with small-scale coffee farmers in Haiti, in an effort to revive Haiti's coffee industry. The brand sells classic Haitian medium and dark roasts, Caribbean spiced coffee beans and Haitian hot cocoa.

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