8 Fragrances To Try From Black-Owned Businesses

Floral, earthy, spicy and sweet -- there's a fragrance for everyone on this list.

If we’re being honest, our perfume collections have been collecting dust over the past few months. Despite fragrance being personal and worn for oneself, there’s just not always much motivation to spritz just to sit on the couch.

Perhaps the best way to get back into a perfume practice is by introducing a new scent. These eight fragrances from Black-owned brands are a perfect place to start.

With a range of prices and with fragrance notes like vanilla, sandalwood, lavender and even marshmallow, there is a summer scent for everyone.

Here are eight perfumes from Black-owned businesses to try now.

Savoir Faire Signature Eau du Parfum
Get Savoir Faire's Signature eau du parfum, with notes of tomato leaf, leather, labdanum, orris, oud, firewood, sandalwood, musk and amber essence, for $95.
Pink MahogHany Pas Encore Nommé Perfume
Get PinkMahogHany's Pas Encore Nommé perfume, described as "sweet, ripened pineapple and caramelized vanilla accords that are sure to transport your senses to your favorite tropical vacation destination," for $128.
Kimberly New York Artsy Eau du Parfum
Get Kimberly New York's Artsy eau du parfum, with notes of red candied apple, sparkling violet, marshmallow and creamy sandalwood, for $99.
Blade + Bloom Aromatherapy Fragrance Oil
Get Blade + Bloom's Good Vibes aromatherapy fragrance oil, made with fractionated coconut oil, pink grapefruit, clary sage, fir bergamot, peppermint, ylang ylang and lemongrass essential oils, for $18.
Nick Ricardo Collection Onyx Fragrance
Get the Nick Ricardo Collection's Onyx fragrance, with notes of ginger, bergamot, lemon, spices, white pepper, basil, violet leaf, tonka bean, Tahitian vetiver and cedar, for $64.
Anu Essentials Sterling Botanical Perfume
Get Anu Essentials' Sterling botanical perfume, with notes of tuberose, cognac, tobacco, oud, lavender absolute and castoreum, for $40.
Kirk Elliott Unconditional Eau du Parfum
Get Kirk Eliott's Unconditional unisex eau du parfum, with notes of amber, cedar, tobacco, firewood and tangerine, for $80.
Chris Collins Danse Sauvage
Chris Collins' DanseSauvage fragrance is "irresistible black pepper, plum, and cognac meet classic amber, musk, and spicy woody notes," for $175.

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